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Manufacturer: GRIPSET
SKU: 5533

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Gripset DM is a premium grade cementitious mortar compound designed for use in conjunction with other Gripset membranes and additives. Gripset DM is compatible with Gripset 51; Gripset 11Y and Gripset GP (refer to relevant product information sheets for further information) for superior high performance render finishes.

Features & Benefits
* Easily dispersed with Gripset products.
* Time saving pre-mixed additive ready for direct use.
* Provides a quality surface finish
* Compatible with tile adhesives, renders, screeds and other wall/floor coatings

Gripset DM is a versatile dry cementitious additive designed for direct use with a number of Gripset products for waterproofing or repair applications. As each application for the use of  Gripset DM differs, refer to individual data sheets of Gripset products for specific details.

* Patch repairs
* Thin build renders, bagging coats, general filling of voids
* Waterproof screeds and feather edge coatings
* Fillets
* Waterproof slurries/primers
* Levelling and mortar repairs