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Manufacturer: BAT TRIMS
SKU: 6257

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Drill Guide with Suction Cup for up to 5" (125mm) hole saws and core drill bits

Can be used on tile, glass, ceramic or tile wall.
This drill guide is great for centering the drill bit.
Includes Hole to input coolant (water)

Recommended use:

Use this tool to mark and start the hole.
Remove the drill guide when drilling through to avoid damaging the guide


One water input hole in the middle of the guide.

For Drills up to 3" (80mm) - place the drills inside the hole of the guide and adjust the guide by sliding the detachable part and tighten it using the included plastic screws.

For Drills 3" to 5" (81mm to 125mm) - Place the drill at the end of the guide