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Manufacturer: MAPEI
SKU: 6359

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Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (with crack-bridging capacity > 2 mm) applied by trowel or roller for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools

Mapelastic Smart is used to protect concrete structures, renders with hairline cracks and cementitious surfaces in general which, being subject to vibrations, may suffer from cracking, and for waterproofing hydraulic projects such as channels, faces of dams and swimming pools, basins, storage tanks, balconies and terraces. Particularly suitable for waterproofing irregular surfaces.

Some application examples
• Waterproofing hydraulic channels, faces of dams and basins.
• Waterproofing bathrooms, showers, balconies, terraces, swimming pools etc. before laying ceramic tiles.
• Waterproofing plasterboard, render or cementitious surfaces, lightweight cement blocks and marine-grade plywood.
• Flexible protection layer of new concrete structures or repaired structures subject to minor deformation under load.
• Protection of cementitious renders or concrete with cracks due to shrinkage, minor movement caused by thermal gradients or dynamic stresses due to the passage of vehicles, against infiltration of water and aggressive elements from the atmosphere.
• Protection of concrete pillars and beams and road and railway viaducts repaired with products from the Mapegrout or Planitop ranges against the penetration of carbon dioxide.
• Protection of structures with an inadequate layer of concrete over the reinforcement rods against the penetration of aggressive elements.
• Protection of concrete surfaces which may come into contact with sea water, de-icing salts, such as sodium or calcium chloride, and sulphates.

• High performance: a 2 mm thick film can cover cracks up to 2 mm wide.
• Excellent mechanical characteristics thanks to the use of Mapetex Sel reinforcement.
• CE-certified product in compliance with EN 1504-2 and EN 14891.
• Excellent elongation at failure (120%).
• Fluid consistency for easy application.
• Resistant to UV rays.
• May also be applied on existing coverings.
• Compatible with ceramic, mosaic and natural stone coverings.
• Product certified EC1 R Plus by the GEV Institute (Gemeinschaft Emissions-kontrollierte
Verlegewerkstoffe, e.V.) as a product with very low
emission of volatile organic compounds.