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Manufacturer: GRIPSET
SKU: 8057

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Gripset P39 is a highly versatile, fibre enhanced membrane suitable for a wide range of under tile and exposed membrane applications.

Developed using advanced hybrid polyurethane technology, Gripset P39 offers superior elastomeric and flexible properties while maintaining high tensile strength. With outstanding waterproofing properties and low water vapour transmission, P39 possesses the unique feature for withstanding early water ponding and permanently wet conditions without re-emulsification.

Compliant to AS 4858: 2004 for internal wet areas, outstanding bonding properties are achieved for overlaid finishes such as renders, screeds, and tile adhesives.

With excellent UV resistance and anti-fungal properties, P39 can be used to protect exterior substrates for long-term protection against UV degradation and harsh climatic conditions.

Features & Benefits
* Highly flexible and elastomeric
* Low vapour transmission properties and low water absorption
* Excellent adhesion properties
* Outstanding weather resistant properties
* Excellent early ponding water resistance
* Once cured will not re-emulsify, handles permanently wet conditions
* Resistant to fungi and algae
* Low dirt retention
* Light foot trafficable
* Solvent free, non-hazardous

Waterproofing Uses
* Roofs as an exposed membrane finish
* Parapets
* External surfaces exposed to constant weather
* Roofs to be covered over with screeds and toppings
* Internal wet areas, bathrooms, laundries and tiled areas
* Balconies, decks, podiums, terrace floors
* General tiled areas to prevent moisture ingress