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Manufacturer: GRIPSET
SKU: 8058

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Gripset C-Bed is a premium grade, polymer enhanced cementitious compound designed for high performance screeding applications in critical areas. The unique polymer formulation allows Gripset C-Bed to maintain high strength at low builds, enabling feathered finishes without the use of proprietary bonding agents or additives. With excellent water resistance, Gripset C-Bed is ideal for use in areas subject to continuous moisture, and reduces the risk of efflorescence associated with traditional sand/cement screed blends.

Outstanding adhesion and fast drying properties enable application of Gripset pre mixed membranes or tile finishes after only 16 hours. Gripset cementitious systems can be applied after only 4 hours.

Conveniently available in premixed bags, Gripset C-Bed provides enhanced workability and superior finishes for new and remedial applications.

Features & Benefits
* Time saving - ready for direct use.
* Conveniently pre bagged – highly portable for mixing on sites
* Does not require additives or admixtures
* Quality control of screed batches overcoming inconsistent site mixes
* Pre-bagged quality maintains mix consistency and avoids potential contamination of site mixes
* Excellent water resistance
* Reduced water demand and associated shrinkage
* Reduces risk of efflorescence
* Enhanced adhesion properties
* Provides high strength at low builds for feathered finishes
* Fast drying
* Provides a quality surface finish
* Can be used directly over Gripset wet area membranes

Waterproofing Uses
* Shower alcoves
* Balconies & Decks
* Podiums
* Rooftop terraces
* Planter boxes, roof gardens
* Screeds applied over or under membranes
* General areas subject to moisture
* Directly over Gripset under tile membranes