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Manufacturer: BAT TRIMS
SKU: 7110

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Very often it is hard to properly set flexible and low thickness tiles as well as big sized and heavy tiles because of the uneven floor foundation. As a result, tiles which seemed perfectly levelled while installing them, once the adhesive has set, they show differences in level that compromise the aesthetics.

This can be avoided thanks to the levelling spacers which preserve the perfect levelling of the tiles and, also, they speed up the setting. So, the levelling spacers make the setting easy, fast and the tiles are perfectly levelled.

Clips are available in two different versions: for tiles from 3 up to 12 mm thickness (1/8” - 1/2”); LARGE size clips for tiles from 12 up to 20 mm thickness (1/2” - 3/4”). The wedge works for both clip sizes and it is re-usable virtually forever.