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Manufacturer: GRIPSET
SKU: 5526

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Gripset RF is the premier standard detailing fabric. With outstanding workability and inherent strength, Gripset RF is suitable for a range of waterproofing application where liquid membrane detailing or enhanced tensile strength is required. A non-woven polypropylene, Gripset RF provides excellent rupture resistance for liquid membranes over cracks, sheet laps or joints. Gripset RF is also designed use in between coats of Gripset membranes when used over metal surfaces covering pin holes or sheet laps.

Features & Benefits
* Excellent resistance to chemicals, detergents, and water.
* Anti-decomposition properties eliminating rot.
* Good workability with liquid membranes, conforming and remaining to substrate position.
* Ease of processing i.e. can be cut with scissors or blade, and ease of applying.
* Tough and durable.
* Light weight.
* When used with the Gripset range of liquid membranes, Gripset RF is used as protective reinforcement against: movement at wall/wall and wall/floor junctions; movement at substrate abutments, joints or edges; crack movement or metal sheet laps. Suitable when used with Gripset
membranes in underground, immersed, internal and external areas.


Installation of RF Fabric
* Method of applying Gripset RF is simple. First the length of Gripset RF required is measured; then cut with either scissors or blade knife ready to be placed in position.
* The coating of Gripset membrane is applied, and while this coating is in a wet state the Gripset RF fabric is embedded and positioned over the substrate.
* Any air pockets or creases formed should be removed with a flat spatula or brush
* Subsequent coats of the liquid membrane should ensure the total Gripset RF fabric is covered.
* For more information, refer to the individual specifications of the Gripset membrane range.

Available sizes
* 100m x 1m wide
* 100m x 200mm wide
* 100m x 150mm wide
* 100m x 100mm wide